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Retired Item / Feature
This item or feature is no longer available or acquirable in Eterspire. This is only for archival purpose.

Woodcutting requires you to have a woodcutting axe (not to be confused with a Battleaxe) to cut down trees. So far, there are 3 kinds of trees in the game: Regular trees which can be cut down at any level and give regular logs, Maple trees which can be cut down at level 40 or higher and give maple logs, and Pine trees which can be cut down at level 100 or higher and give pine logs.

Level Name Output Exp Image
1 Regular Tree Regular Log
40 Maple Tree Maple Log
100 Pine Tree Pine Log


Axes are needed to cut down trees and are be dropped by enemies or bought from Hans. The highest level axe so far is a Sunstone Axe dropped by Ice Warriors, Squirrels, and Rock Crabs. While Axes are equipable, they do not provide any beneficial stats for combat.

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