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During the Firefly Forest update, Undeer was the strongest monster in the game. The title was superseded to the Adanapme, Spirit Butterfly after the Swamp Update.

The Undeer is also known as the Odear by the community. It earned this nickname for the hassle of obtaining it's more rare drops; you first need to search for it and you might be unlucky after several attempts to obtain a rare item.

It lurks in the second section of Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest, a ghostly spirit of a deer more powerful than any living deer. Should you find and defeat it, you may be rewarded with some of the strongest equipment in the game up to this point.


Needs more info. Will be accurately updated with drop rates later.

Strategy to Defeat[]

In addition to The Undeer's high level and health, a large difficulty with fighting The Undeer is finding it. It roams the second section of the Firefly Forest and may spawn essentially anywhere inside it. There is an account of The Undeer fading - as in, disappearing shortly after a player found it. This has led to speculations that the Undeer can teleport, but this has not been confirmed by the developers.

Regardless, the first task of any who aspire to defeat The Undeer is to find it first. To do this, I first would recommend switching to low graphics while in the lower-altitude center part of the map as this makes it easier to spot different colored objects among the trees. This slightly hurts render distance, but should the Undeer be hiding among the trees it will be far easier to spot in low graphics than in high graphics. However, if you're scouting in more open areas (higher altitude at the edges of the map), it may be better to switch to high graphics to increase render distance.

Secondly, since The Undeer may appear anywhere in the map, it is a good idea to patrol the road as it covers a wide perimeter of the map. However, there are many areas that go off the road so it may be a good idea to occasionally go off-road and explore these areas (for instance, going around the Abandoned Mill and the Campsite). It may take a long time or none at all, but eventually you will find the Undeer. If you go in a party, it is a good idea to split up and try to cover more ground, then send a tell to the other players to let them know where you spot the Undeer.

When you finally find The Undeer, make sure your inventory is full (or as full as possible) of Catfish or better Food items. Regardless of your DEF and armor, the Undeer can hit as high as 100 dmg in a single turn, so watch your health carefully and always have a healing item selected so that you can consume it at a moment's notice.

If you run out of healing items mid-fight, run away unless you're very close to killing the Undeer. Note that you can get it stuck in fences and trees, so make use of your environment to avoid getting killed as you attempt to escape.

Lastly, if you're trying to grind The Undeer to get it's best shield and weapon (those being the Bone Shield (S) and the Bone Sword (S)), note that the drop rates for these is relatively low (see drop list table above), so you may have to fight The Undeer many times before these drop. In between battles, go to the Fly Fishing Rod spots to fill your inventory with Catfish and cook them using the bonfire in the Campsite. From there, it's up to you. Good hunting!

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