The Swamp is located to the west of Stonehollow and is the most dangerous place as of the Swamp Update, with higher level monsters which drop Meteor gear. It is also home to the currently best fishing locations with Fishing Rod spots and Slug Fishing spots, and is home to a bonfire. Stonehollow Swamp is the first of two maps that cover the entire Swamp, with the furthest map, Stonehollow Swamp Depths, being home to NPCs.

Stonehollow Swamp.png
A fishing spot in Stonehollow Swamp

Places of Interest


If you go left from the entrance of Stonehollow Swamp, you may find a strangely shaped sculpture that bears a striking relation to Stonehenge. Its actual name is unknown, and its supposed owner is Smellyfeet, who marked his ownership of it with a sign.


Near the warp point to Stonehollow Swamp Depths, there is a bonfire next to a well which you can use to cook your freshly caught fish and slugs.

Mysterious Obelisk

Like many other places in the game, Stonehollow Swamp is home to a mysterious obelisk. It's use is yet unknown, but it is suspected to be some sort of portal.


Stonehollow Swamp contains Fishing Rod and Slug Fishing spots.


There are no quests in Stonehollow Swamp (however, there is one in Stonehollow Swamp Depths).


There are no NPCs in Stonehollow Swamp (however, there are in Stonehollow Swamp Depths).


You will encounter the following monsters in Stonehollow Swamp (in ascending level order):


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