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Retired Item / Feature
This item or feature is no longer available or acquirable in Eterspire. This is only for archival purpose.

Snowy Hills in Technical Beta 2

An area to the north of Stonehollow. It is a realm covered in snow - and inhabited by stronger enemies than those of the peaceful woodlands near Stonehollow. Venture further still and you may find even more powerful foes.

Monsters: Hare, Ice Spider, Ice Warrior, Rock Crab

Contains Net, Fishing Rod, and Flying Fishing Rod spots.

Places of Interest[]

Rock Crab Cave[]

If you follow the road and take the first right turn, you will descend into a low snowy shore with two Fly Fishing spots next to a cave entrance. Enter the cave to go to Rock Crab Cave.


There is a bonfire near the entrance of Snowy Hills.


There are Net Fishing and Fly Fishing spots in Snowy Hills.