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This week we've been working on intermediate maps, a new quest, bugfixes and much, much more! We also had some issues with macroers and griefers, so we spent some time dealing with that. It's a shame, because that's time we could've used to add more content to the game, but some people just want to watch the world burn.

Multicombat and Swimming Ice Warriors.png

New Content:[]

  • Multicombat: you can now attack mobs in groups. Some mobs have been buffed to accommodate this. We've also tweaked most graphical elements involved in combat.
  • An Ice Warrior really, really wants to swim but he's afraid he'll melt if he goes into the water. An adventurer's help is required, so if you can spare the time, you'll meet him to the south-east of the Snowy Hills.
  • When you die, you'll no longer drop your items. Instead, you'll be teleported to the Other Side, where you'll have to BEG the Resurrectionist to bring you back to life.
  • We've also added metal capes to go along with your armour. Roy, in Stonehollow, sells some of them, along with Molly in the Mirekeep Inn, while others can be obtained as rare drops from mobs.
  • Patron Capes will no longer vanish when dropped.

Bug Fixes[]

  • It's happened a few times that mobs drop items in inaccessible places, such as fences or hay cubes. This should be now fixed.
  • The delay between attacking different mobs should have been fixed.