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A tavern in Stonehollow, next to the warp point to Stonehollow Woods. It is a very popular and centralized building in Stonehollow as it features many points of interest.



The Mirekeep Pub & Inn does not feature any quests. However, one of the upstairs bookshelves in the West portion you must interact with to obtain the recipe for the Potion of Nonmelting during the Jimmy Goes for a Swim quest.

Points of Interest[]

  • Bank: There is a bank that can be accessed by speaking to Molly Banks and typing "bank".
  • Cooking Range: In the back room there is a cooking range that can be used to cook any food.
  • Shops: There are a couple of shops that can be accessed in the Mirekeep Pub & In. To access them, type "buy" when speaking to the Bartender or Molly Banks.


  • Molly's Overly Expensive Armour
  • The Jagged Crab Tavern


  • The Original Mirekeep Pub & Inn


  • Mirekeep was the runner-up name for Eterspire.