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Membership is a paid subscription that unlocks several features on your account. Membership was introduced on October 11, 2021 as part of the Eterspire Beta III update.

A member item is denoted by a (Members) text on an item's information panel when clicked on. If you do not have membership and try to equip or use an item a window will prompt up; Insert image of member item prompt.

Membership Features[]

Membership allows for certain cosmetic items to be equipped by the player. Note: Any player can acquire membership items, but not equip or use them.

  • Cosmetic Helmets (Horned, Barbarian, Bucket)
  • Additional cosmetic Hero Capes (4 membership colors)
  • Shiny Items; shiny variants of existing Armor pieces.
  • Exclusive additional map access:
    • The Decadent Grotto