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Lypriptite is a material introduced in the Snow Update on September 16, 2021. The material is a glowing crystal found in the Gemstone Cavern. Blue Lypriptite seems to be a rare variant of the typical pink crystal and a giant one can be found in the caverns as part of the A Dark Omen quest. The material features pink colored Weapons and Armor.


Lypriptite Weapons and Armor can be acquired through fighting monsters in Vestada and Cursed Wolf Mountain.

Blue Lypriptite Crystal can be acquired during the A Dark Omen quest and is only used for that purpose.

Lypriptite Items[]


  • Lypriptite Dagger (R)
  • Lypriptite Sword (R)
  • Lypriptite Longsword (R)
  • Lypriptite Broadsword (R)
  • Lypriptite Trident (R)
  • Lypriptite Battleaxe (R)


  • Lypriptite Helm (R)
  • Lypriptite Platemail (R)
  • Lypriptite Platelegs (R)
  • Lypriptite Greaves (R)
  • Lypriptite Gauntlets (R)
  • Lypriptite Tower Shield (R)
  • Lypriptite Kite Shield (R)
  • Lypriptite Cape (R)

Quest Items[]

  • Blue Lypriptite Crystal

(R) is for retired items.

Change Logs[]

  • October 12, 2021 (Eterspire Beta III): Blue Lypriptite Crystal added to the game. Lypriptite set removed from the game.
  • September 16, 2021 (Snow Update): Lypriptite armor and weapons introduced to the game.


  • Lypriptite is based on a crystal that is featured in all of developer's — Lartu, previous games.