Eterspire Wiki

Ladders are used to go from one area to another in the same building.

When examined from the bottom, text will appear in the chatbox that says: "Look, a ladder!"

When a Ladder is examined from the top however, the text will state: "You have to look past the form... at the essence of the thing." This statement is clearly a reference to the Ace Attorney series of games where there is an ongoing debate on whether or not there is a difference between a ladder and a stepladder, however this can also be a reference to the apparent void you look down at from the ladder. This void leads the player to need to look past the physical form of the ladder and look at the essence of the ladder to see where they would be going.

What is this "essence" that we are supposed to be looking for though, this is a question that has been attempted to be answered many times before and yet the world has not yet united under a single understanding. In some cultures the way to see this "essence" is by examining the flow of existence and the universe and watching how everything connects. This method can be compared to the scientific view on the subject as many search for the theory of everything which would connect everything and show us the true purpose of existence. These two views both focus on connecting everything we know to be and hoping we can use these to infer what is missing which is very similar to how we need to infer what is on the other side of the ladder.

Other attempts at deciphering this mystery have led many people to believe this "essence" is a higher power that watches over us. Using this explanation of the "essence" would lead us to instead of searching for a direct answer, to have faith and just go down the ladder. However, after spending many moons searching for an answer I have finally decided upon a solution. My solution is that the "essence" is not what we need in order to find out what is on the other side of the ladder. Ladders are the "essence"! Ladders are the patterns in the flows of existence, Ladders are the answer to the theory of everything, Ladders ARE the greater power! I have climbed down the rungs and found out what is on the other side of the void... LADDER!

There is a total of 4 ladders you might come across in your adventure.