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Bwa-hah-hah! It's finally October and that means Halloween in Eterspire. Stonehollow has been decorated with pumpkin lanterns and there are costumes to party! This week we've also worked to improve some of the weakest points of the game, to make it feel better and less cumbersome. Continue reading to see what's changed!

Halloween Event and Quality of Life Improvements.png

New Content[]

Bug Fixes[]

  • The game should no longer lag when there are too many items on the ground.
  • Jimmy's Sunglasses should now work for every face type.
  • Animals in the Snowy Hills and the Cursed Wolf Mountain should be aggressive again.

In other news[]

  • You can now buy in sell in bulk.
  • Dropping, withdrawing and depositing items has also been improved.
  • Item pick-up has been improved.
  • Depositing multiple items will no longer deposit those that you have equipped.
  • Hitsplats on a multicombat enemy no longer stack on top of eachother.
  • Your hitsplats now look different to those of other players.
  • Healthbars now change colours depending on how many HP you have left.
  • The screen now has a graphical feedback effect when damaging an enemy.


  • On release, some users were having motion sickness due to the graphical feedback of combat. Thus, it was removed quickly from the game and postponed for another update.