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Four Crows has you hunting for Caliburnus's four lost crows. He sends you to Norma Guswacha who tells you the location of the crows in the form of a riddle.

Norma gives you the following riddles:

  • The first crow can be found in a lilac woodland, on a wooden soil across a deep blue creek.
  • The second crow can be found in a putrid land, not far north of the dwelling of a fierce warrior.
  • The third crow can be found between a small frozen lake and a cliff so tall it plunges into darkness.
  • And the fourth crow can be found atop a hill, to the east of where hens lay their eggs.

Quest NPC Locations:[]

  1. Caliburnus
    • In Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest (North) at the Abandoned Mill X: -180 Y: 157
  2. Norma Guswacha
    • Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest (North) at the Campsite X: 128 Y: 165

Crow Locations:[]

  1. Old Guswacha's Firefly Forest (South) at position X: -68, Y: -29
  2. Swamphollow (West) at position X: -86, Y: 122
  3. Snowy Hills (East) at position X: -223, Y: -147
  4. Stonehollow at position X: 62, Y: 62


Quest Rewards
Items Cape of the Crow Master
Experience 14,488
Unlocked features None
Quests requiring this one None