Eterspire Wiki

Hello there! This week we've been on maintenance mode because the server has been working funny, so the number of updates brought to the table is a little smaller than we would've wanted. But don't worry, juicier content is under development!

Bugfixes, Mob Healing and Patron Capes.png

New Content:[]

  • Equipable items in your inventory now display their bonuses and how these would affect your current stats when equipped, along with the prerequisites to equip them.
  • Mobs now heal when not in combat.

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Eel no longer classify as Catfish when eating them.
  • Old Guswacha won't change the price of her stat point reset treatment mid-conversation.
  • The level required to cut some types of trees and the experience given by doing so has been fixed.
  • You can no longer sell an item with no value and end up with a stack of 0 Coins.
  • Fixed some typos.

In other news:[]

  • You can walk away from NPCs some distance before they stop talking to you.
  • You can no longer sell equipped items before unequipping them first to avoid selling your armour.
  • We've added Patreon and Discord buttons to the game client.